Moose Legion
Cypress 202 Committee of Crystal River 2013




January is Moose Legion month. It is the time we put an effort to encourage all Moose Members to consider becoming a member of "The Degree of Fun and Service", the Moose Legion if they qualify.

What is the Moose Legion you may ask? The Moose Legion is the second degree in the Moose fraternity. It is the first step necessary to earn the Fellowship Degree of Honor and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit. Other words it is the stepping stone to success. No other way can you earn the Fellowship Degree or the Pilgrim Degree with out becoming a Moose Legionnaire.

Every lodge should have an active Lodge Moose Legion Activities Committee. They are in most cases members of the Board of Officers, Committee Chairman and are active in asking their friends, relatives, and associates to become Moose members.

Because they are mostly the leaders in the fraternity, they are normally involved with the life of the Moose Lodge. The qualifications are that a Moose member fulfills the two primary obligation of being a Moose member, one is increasing the strength of the order by proposing for membership qualified individuals with high personal character and to giving of your energy and substance in support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Therefore it is a honor to be a Moose Legionnaire.

If you think you qualify to become a member of this unique group of Moose members, please contact me or a Moose Legionnaire in your lodge. Let's make this January a big Moose Legionnaire month..

Thank you, for all that you do for your Moose Lodge.
Levis Hughes,
FBMA Moose Legion Area Manager